Everyone knows that sauerkraut is a very nutritious and healthy product. No matter what food you will bring to your table, no doubt, Belorychka’s sauerkraut will be a huge hit. It contains not only micronutrient elements and vitamins, but also biologically active substances, which help our organism to deal with stresses. We use only fresh vegetables of certain cultivars. Before cooking, all vegetables undergo a strict visual survey. The cabbage-heads with signs of rottenness are immediately removed. We try to retain all best in the finished product.

Sauerkraut is no longer just a “market” product. There are many reasons for that. Limited area of small kitchen, lack of required vegetables at the market, high cost… But the major one is a deficit of spare time. And sometimes, you get what you haven’t expected. Our food technologists have traveled all across the regions where vegetables are traditionally preserved for the winter. After collecting all the recipes, we tried to create the perfect product. Taste it — and you will realize that we succeeded.

Belorychka™ Sauerkraut

For our production we use vegetables grown in ecologically clean regions of Mari El, Belarus and Krasnodar with rich black soil. This guarantees the presence of many useful micronutrient elements (iron, potassium, phosphorus) and vitamins (C, PP, beta-carotene, etc.).

Special cultivars are used: mid-season cultivars (Megaton, Larcia, Krautkaiser, Atria, Rinda), late-season cultivars (Ramco, Aggressor).

Late-season cultivars have a dense cabbage-head. They can be kept fresh until the next season. These cultivars have the best taste and consumer qualities. Late cabbage contains less nitrates.

Mid-early, mid and mid-late cabbages fall in between. It has higher yields and the density of heads than the early ones. It is used for fermenting and is kept fresh for quite a long time, but falls behind the late-season cultivars.

Our production facilities are equipped with specially designed machinery to produce crispy, fragrant, appetizing cabbage, packed for sale in plastic container weighing 500 and 1000 g. It can be stored only at a temperature of +2…+4 °C for 25 days. It is a ready-to-eat product and belongs to the group of chilled products (not frozen). The production of sauerkraut is certified and the products are declared. Our fermented vegetables also have other advantages:
We use enhanced old recipes, so the taste of our cabbage is better than that at a market.

All vegetables are subject to a rigorous selection process. After the inspection, each head is thoroughly washed. No dirt is included in the finished product.
Sauerkraut is cheaper to buy than to cook at home. Buying vegetables in bulk allows us to make the price lower than at the market.

Each container has a slogan “Spend time with your loved ones”. It’s not just words. Instead of spending long hours at the stove, talk to your family and close friends. After all, now it is not often one gets a chance for face-to-face talking.
For the buyers convenience, the product is packed in a handy hermetic plastic container with a lid cap. If you drop it, the container won’t break, and the contents won’t pour out on the floor.

We guarantee the quality and safety of our products. Each batch lot passes through quality control and has all relevant certificates.

We sell products not only in retail, but also wholesale. If you want to buy sauerkraut wholesale in Nizhny Novgorod, you can call us at one of the phones given on the Contacts page. We offer special conditions for wholesalers. Hope you will enjoy working with us.