Ready-To-EatPrecooked Vegetables

We use only best vegetables, grown in the ecological clean regions for our precooked products. It is made of washed and cleaned carrots, beets, cabbages, onions and peppers.

The product does not require any additional processing and will be of interest for food service companies: canteens, cafes and restaurants. Also, the product is popular in shopping centers and grocery stores, as it saves a lot of time.

It does not contain preservatives, so vegetables retain their natural taste and flavor.
In the production of ready-to-eat precooked vegetables in vacuum packaging we use only fine vegetables, as we have minimized manual work, which guarantees quality and safety of the products used.

Peeled vegetables are packed in a plastic bag weighing 300 g. The filled bag is hermetically vacuum-sealed. Shelf life of precooked products is 5 days at a temperature of +2… +4 °C. A ready-to-eat precooked product belongs to the group of chilled products (not frozen).