Pickles and Marinades

It is difficult to overestimate the role of pickles in human life. They make our diet various and nutritious, give a body useful vitamins and components.

Pickled vegetables of the Belorychka trademark will be a perfect addition to your every day meal, business and family celebrations. And not everyone has time for cooking home-made preservations for the winter. So why then hold back on your favorite dishes? Belorychka products, cooked according to homemade recipes, will become irreplaceable for you. Famous physiologist I.P. Pavlov claimed that only that food will do good, which is eaten with gusto. Marinades and pickles not only tempt the appetite, they give a special taste to the main dishes, and are the perfect snack before any meal.

6 pros for Belorychka vegetables:
• Harmonious taste;
• Non-GMO, does not contain substances harmful for the health;
• High concentration of vitamins B, C, E and minerals;
• Only fresh vegetables;
• A wide range of products;
• Green-labelled, organic products;

Belorychka Marinades are gourmet products for the whole family
Every Russian family loves pickles or sauerkraut. Belorychka offers you high-quality tasty products. During cold winters, marinated vegetables make it possible to have a nutritious balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

We offer at once simple and delicious marinades, for example, garlic (subfamily — allioideae) has gained popularity all around the world. Its healing properties are legendary. Garlic preserves all its properties, helps to cure hundreds of diseases.
Crispy, burning pickled cucumbers are great accompaniment for any dish, as well as an ingredient for salads and soups. And of course, we can’t imagine Russian salad without it.

Nobody can remain indifferent to mushroom preservations. Belorychka offers such products as honey mushrooms, milky cap mushrooms, common mushrooms, and slippery jack mushrooms with onions or garlic. It’s not just delicious, it’s finger licking good!

For people who want to try something extraordinary, Belorychka has grape leaves, salted wild leek, cranberry, and soaked cherry tomatoes.

Your culinary needs will certainly be satisfied by any Belorychka product. By choosing us, you choose high quality and excellent taste.

We care about the quality of each product. We use only fresh, green-labelled, organic vegetables. The cooking process of marinades and pickles takes place under the strict control of technologists, the best specialists of the industry. We do not use chemical or artificial ingredients. Everything is fresh and natural. In our production we apply HACCP principals, in other words, our products are safe for human health.

For our corporate clients we offer to buy pickles and marinades wholesale. For contracting or making application for products supply, contact us by the phone in Nizhny Novgorod.