Snacks, Salads and Soups

Belorychka salads are cooked with fresh and natural ingredients following the recipes of our ancestors. Therefore, they, like no others, retain all the useful and necessary for our body. Not everyone has time in summer for cooking home-made preservations for the winter. Together with our products there always be warm and cozy in your house, no matter how cold it is outside. Belorychka salads are available wholesale and retail in stores of Nizhny Novgorod.

We are constantly working on the releasing new product lines. Among our novelties that hit the taste of our regular customers there is a shashlyk accompaniment, consisting of tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, apples, garlic, and greens. Recently launched in sale Cucumber salad with onions immediately won praise of our special customers. As an exquisite dish we offer a Russian-style horseradish snack. It consists of red tomatoes, horseradish, garlic, and salt. It is a truly national juicy dish. We also have our special vegetable mix of cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, garlic, and onion with spices. Our the season’s biggie, as usual, is a sea cabbage salad in different variations: Korean, European, as well as Korean carrot salad with asparagus, soy meat, squid, or mushrooms. White and red onions, marinated with oil and red pepper, spicy Caucasian adjika sauce — and other salads can be purchased wholesale at the most favorable prices.

One can feel the big Russian soul in our Belorychka salads
In our production we use only fresh, high quality ingredients, which undergo a special control and processing procedures. All production cycle runs under totally sterile conditions in compliance with HACCP standards, in other words, our products are safe for human health. Manual work is minimized, so you may not worry about the factor of human error. Thanks to the advanced technologies, we track every production stage. Our staff is constantly monitoring the quality of the finished products. Among other similar products Nizhny Novgorod citizens always choose salads by Belorychka.

Modern trade enterprises and food services have already took the salads of our own make at its worth. Our dishes are among the best at business events, banquets, diplomatic and official meetings. People also choose our salads for every day meals. Once you try it, you won’t stop it! We cooperate with canteens, shopping centers, retail grocery stores. Our partners are: METRO, Auchan, Atak, SPAR, REAL, Lenta, Billa, O’KEY, MATRIX, X5 Retail Group. Our customers can have full confidence in the naturality of our salads. Belorychka products is a distinctive national product, showing Russian culture identity, Russian people big soul. Belorychka salads are sold wholesale and retail as well in Nizhny Novgorod.

Our salads benefits:
• Delicious taste;
• Ideal proportions of all ingredients;
• Favorable prices;
• High concentration of vitamins B, C, E and minerals;
• Organic, Non-GMO vegetables, does not contain substances harmful for the health;
• Availability;
• The diversity of recipes allows us to keep leading position in the industry;

The unique taste of our salads is obtained thanks to the selected recipes: they do not contain chemical constituents. Our products give a body useful vitamins and components every day of the year. Belorychka salads is your right choice! You can leave you supply request by phones, listed on the website. Try our high quality products, cooked with love, kindness, and generosity of the Russian soul.